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Speech Pathologist vs tutor

Both work in the field of literacy, but which one should you choose?

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Compare scenarios 

If you have concerns about your child’s speech or language development, it is best to consult a speech pathologist.

  • Student not meeting benchmarks

  • Student is struggling despite meeting benchmarks

  • Concerns of specific learning difficulty (including dyslexia)

  • Missing fundamental skills / content

  • Language processing difficulties

  • Vocabulary and comprehension difficulties

  • Expressive language disorders

  • Speech sound disorders

  • Dyslexia diagnosis

  • Assessment for SLD

Speech Pathologist

If you have academic goals for your child and want to provide additional support to help them achieve their best, consult a tutor.

  • Student meeting benchmarks but not full potential

  • Desire for academic excellence 

  • Tutoring for specific subjects or grade-level content

  • Advanced content or enrichment

  • Assist with exam preparation

  • Assist with homework completion

  • Help develop study skills


Stacking Blocks

What are the benefits of working with a
speech pathologist?

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