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How speech pathologist can support literacy

What has speech pathology got to do with reading and writing?

What is literacy?

On the surface – literacy is about reading and writing. But if you consider its purpose, it is about communicating messages that help us navigate the world around us.

You wake up in the morning, check your phone, grab your cereal (or other breakfast item), brush your teeth, sign a form for school, look at your calendar, pack lunches & school bags, get a message that it is actually a non-uniform day, change the kids and somehow manage to get out the door and to drop-off. Let’s not forget a caffeinated beverage of choice.

At every single step you have had to read something, a message, a packet, a calendar, a sign, a menu. You had to write your name, write a message, write a to-do list, write a note.

As your child develops literacy skills, they’re not only learning how to read and write, but how to communicate and confidently interact with all aspects of life.

What is a speech pathologist?

What has a speech pathologist got to do with literacy?


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